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Marriage and Annulment in the Philippines

by Sophia

Best Annulment Lawyers in the Philippines


When beginning your annulment process, it must be filed in the absence of the person concerned before the death of a known spouse. Annulment must not be filed because of threat, undue influence, consent by force, infidelity, pregnancy, consent of guardianship or failure to disclose political opinion on the right of consent of legitimate age. Everything must be filed until the tenth year. If it is filed enough and the marriage is already ten years old, the proper case can be dismissed by the law one year after the petitioner knew the case. The ten-year-old wedding is no longer eligible dismissed case by the law.

Do you think about filing a case in the Philippines? Are you looking for the best annulment lawyers in the Philippines? Then, you must know what annulment is. FCB Law provides honest and sincere legal consultations to those who would like to know about annulment. Annulment helps couples to undo their marriage and receive things as they were before getting together. They can also remarry again and erase technical consequences such as parental responsibilities or emotional relationship responsibility. If you want to become a decree holder, then you can file a petition for annulment of marriage. Think as if the marriage never existed. Finding the best annulment lawyers in the Philippines requires thorough research and consideration of their experience, track record, and client reviews.

Annulment Philippines Price


Annulment is a costly type of legal marriage affair. The spectacle and the cost of the annulment process stands as one of the most palpable criticisms against the call for legal recognition of divorce in the Philippines. Last April 23, 2013, administrative assistant Jeremy Sayoc introduced HB Act 4423. The cost of annulment in the Philippines is a recent record of P220,530.60 or Php. This is between one hundred seventy to thirty-five times more expensive than the average Filipino homes. To restate the cost of annulment in the Philippines is equivalent to one hundred seventy to thirty-five million hundreds. When considering annulment cost in the Philippines, it’s essential to budget for legal fees, court fees, and any additional expenses that may arise during the process.

But despite the numbers, annulment is still a costly venture in the Philippines. On average, annulment fees range from several hundred thousand to 3 million pesos. Yes, you read that right, 3 million pesos. In addition to marital bliss, an annulment will cost you with: Legal fee or service fee – divorce lawyers can charge clients for every appearance in court or negotiation. Fixed-price – based on, among others, case issues, novelty, or difficulty. It is not uncommon for divorce lawyers to ask for an upfront legal fee of at least 200,000 pesos. Legal fee or service fee – for the potential spouse to continue his or her desired lifestyle. Court filing and pleading fees – there are always fees related to litigation, and annulment cases are no exceptions. District Court Judges’ Recovery Fund (DJRF) – to handle or sign the order within the waiting time for jurisdiction. Some documents have a significant impact on the outcome of a case where citizens stop cooperating and change lawyers. Other possible costs – Print catering, courthouse parking, and snacks to ensure a positive result every appearance. Other possible costs – for the potential spouse to continue his or her desired lifestyle during the annulment process.

Now, you just found out that annulment in the Philippines costs thousands of pesos. That’s about as much as the original budget for your wedding. But on the bright side, you still get to keep a spouse, right? According to the Philippine Statistics Authority (PSA), more than a quarter (25 percent) of all marriages in the Philippines end in annulment (in 2018, there were over 19 million marriages that ended in annulment). Yes, that’s just weddings per year, not including civil or legally separated unions. The annulment Philippines price varies depending on factors such as the complexity of the case, lawyer fees, and court expenses.

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